Social Justice


Type Media Center


Founded in 1966 (as The Nation Institute), Type Media Center is home to a half-dozen programs and a community of hundreds of journalists, authors, and writing fellows. Type Media Center’s … Last updated May 30, 2022


Press On

Civic/Community Organization

Press On is a collective of journalists, storytellers, and organizers rooted in, and practicing solidarity with, oppressed communities that birth social movements. It is based in the South, and it strives … Last updated March 27, 2022



from Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice

JustFilms supports artist-driven film and new media storytelling projects that explore aspects of inequality, as well as the organizations and networks that support these projects. … Last updated June 3, 2022

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Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice


Among other areas, Ford Foundation invests heavily in projects of Media & Broadcasting, Arts & Free Speech and Civil Rights Litigation. Annual payout of $500-$550M in support of social justice … Last updated March 22, 2022