Funders may be foundations, companies, academic institutions or other sources of grants, stipends, fellowships or in-kind services to support local journalism.

Local News Lab


The Local News Lab believes local news is a critical space for innovation, creativity, and community. Together, it wants all local residents to have easy access to trustworthy, relevant, and abundant news and … Last updated March 28, 2022

Magnum Foundation


Magnum Foundation was established by the photographers of Magnum Photos in 2007. Amidst the collapse of a media system that had traditionally supported documentary photography, Magnum Foundation was conceived to … Last updated May 30, 2022

Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation


The Babcock Foundation partners with organizations and networks working to alleviate poverty and increase social and economic justice in 11 Southern states. It believes in democracy, opportunity and the power of partnerships, … Last updated March 28, 2022

Maynard Institute


Leading organization devoted to helping American news media reflect diversity in staffing, content and business operations. The Maynard institute offers several programs of study each year. As of 2020, the … Last updated May 30, 2022

Mebane Foundation


All of the Mebane Foundation’s efforts are based on founder Allen Mebane’s conviction: That to achieve our nation’s greatest potential, we must ensure that its young people receive top-tier educationsThat … Last updated March 24, 2022

Meta Journalism Project

For-profit company

The Meta Journalism Project works with publishers around the world to strengthen the connection between journalists and the communities they serve. It also helps address the news industry’s core business … Last updated May 30, 2022

National Geographic Society

Nonprofit arm of National Geographic Productions, considered an environmental education program that invests in teaching and reporting efforts that gel with their three core focuses; “Changing Planet, Wildlife, and Human … Last updated October 30, 2022

National Press Foundation


The National Press Foundation is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to “make good journalists better.” It educates journalists on the complex issues of the day and train them to use the … Last updated March 22, 2022

Nellie Mae Education Foundation


The Nellie Mae Foundation’s new strategy encompasses six grant funds structured to reinforce one another in advancing its mission of championing efforts that prioritize community goals that challenge racial inequities and advance … Last updated September 5, 2022

New Media Ventures

For-profit company

Three funding pools: Action fund 501c4 designated for supporting political action startups political grantmaking and products Education fund 501c3 earmarked for entrepreneur support Educational programs & operational costs Innovation fund … Last updated November 10, 2022

New Mexico Local News Fund

Individual Donor

The New Mexico Local News Fund works with community members and journalists who believe that local journalism is crucial for our communities. NMLNF raises funds to support local news providers and … Last updated May 30, 2022

News Leaders’ Association


NLA is the result of a merger between the American Society of News Editors (ASNE) and the Associated Press Media Editors (APME). Their stated mission is to: a. Advocate for the values of … Last updated May 30, 2022

News Revenue Hub


The News Revenue Hub helps it members implement fundraising models, automate time consuming processes, conduct experiments, adopt best practices, and more. It takes care of the heavy lifting so it members can focus on … Last updated March 28, 2022

NOVA Institute for Health of People Places and Planet

The Nova Institute for Health is a heart-centered think tank that takes action for the good of people, places, and the planet. … Last updated May 29, 2023

Oak Foundation


Since Oak Foundation was founded in 1983, it has made over 4,650 grants to not-for-profits across the globe. It partners with organizations that work to advance the foundation’s overall mission and the strategic … Last updated March 28, 2022

Oklahoma Watch


Through investigative, fact-driven journalism, Oklahoma Watch digs deep and examines significant issues that face the state. Their work engages all Oklahomans, amplifies the discussion of important issues with the aim of affecting … Last updated May 30, 2022

One World Media Trust

Charitable Trust

One World Media is a non-profit organisation founded over 30 years ago by a group of journalists who recognised international reporting at that time was limited and often reinforcing stereotypes. … Last updated November 26, 2022

Online News Association

Professional Association

The Online News Association is the world’s largest digital journalism association. Membership includes journalists, technologists, executives, students, educators and other digital media professionals. ONA’s mission is to inspire and support … Last updated June 29, 2022

Open Society Foundations


The Open Society Foundations, founded by George Soros, are the world’s largest private funder of independent groups working for justice, democratic governance, and human rights. They provide thousands of grants … Last updated November 26, 2022

PBS Frontline Local Journalism Initiative


FRONTLINE is supporting local and regional news organizations that are conducting investigative journalism projects in their communities. Its partners in 2020 include newsrooms in Tampa Bay, New Mexico, Oklahoma City, … Last updated May 30, 2022