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For more than five decades, Charles Koch's philanthropy has generated bold new ideas to improve American lives. Inspired by a recognition…
Based in: Arlington, VA
Location(s) served: U.S. (all)
FunderCivic/community organization
The Chicago Headline Club is the nation’s largest chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, as well as an independent nonprofit…
Based in: Chicago, IL
Location(s) served: IL
Child care was once a snoozy, bipartisan issue, mostly covered by education reporters or parenting bloggers. Now it’s the subject of…
Deadline: 6/2/2021
OpportunityGrant/financial award
At Getty Images, we are committed to evolving the visual narratives that define the global climate crisis in the commercial and editorial…
Up to: $10,000
FunderAcademic institution
We are one of the leading journalism schools in the world. We are also one of the oldest with more than 100 years of experience in…
Based in: New York, NY
Location(s) served: U.S. (all)
OpportunityGrant/financial award
The Community Foundation for Mississippi awarded grants of $3.5 million in its last fiscal year, most of which came from its restricted…
In 1994, Jackson was the last major southern city without a community foundation. Serving as a place for charitable fund investment,…
Based in: Jackson, MS
Location(s) served: MS
OpportunityGrant/financial award
ZSR hopes that engaging with community members through the Progress Fund grant cycle will allow the Foundation to support communities and…
Up to: $60,000
Deadline: 12/6/2021
OpportunityGrant/financial award
*Currently sidelined but potential to return depending on duration of Covid-19 pandemic* This opportunity is restricted to…
Up to: $100,000
Deadline: 1/1/0001
OpportunityGrant/financial award
The Pulitzer Center is seeking applications from journalists who want to report stories as part of Connected Coastlines, a nationwide…
Up to: $8,000
OpportunityGrant/financial award
One of the subprograms at the DLPF dedicated to solutions that Conserve and restore ecosystems while enhancing human well-being. With…
Up to: $0
Deadline: 1/1/2030
OpportunityGrant/financial award
The Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) is unveiling a new effort to provide immediate emergency grants to U.S.-based freelance…
Up to: $10,000
Deadline: 12/31/2020