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OpportunityGrant/financial award
ZSR hopes that engaging with community members through the Progress Fund grant cycle will allow the Foundation to support communities and…
Up to: $60,000
Deadline: 3/1/2021
OpportunityGrant/financial award
*Currently sidelined but potential to return depending on duration of Covid-19 pandemic* This opportunity is restricted to…
Up to: $100,000
Deadline: 1/1/0001
OpportunityGrant/financial award
The Pulitzer Center is seeking applications from journalists who want to report stories as part of Connected Coastlines, a nationwide…
Up to: $8,000
OpportunityGrant/financial award
One of the subprograms at the DLPF dedicated to solutions that Conserve and restore ecosystems while enhancing human well-being. With…
Up to: $0
Deadline: 1/1/2030
OpportunityGrant/financial award
The Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) is unveiling a new effort to provide immediate emergency grants to U.S.-based freelance…
Up to: $10,000
Deadline: 12/31/2020
OpportunityGrant/financial award
“The Coronavirus Storytelling Project provides a unique opportunity to both increase coverage of the COVID-19 crisis, and directly support…
Up to: $500
FunderCivic/community organization
The Council for the Advancement of Science Writing is committed to improving the quality and quantity of science news reaching the public.…
Location(s) served: U.S. (all)
As COVID-19 continues to evolve and impact communities around the globe, the National Geographic Society is launching an emergency fund for…
Up to: $8,000
Deadline: 12/31/2021
OpportunityGrant/financial award
EHRP generally pays reporters roughly a dollar a word or a $300-$500 day-rate for photojournalists. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing…
Up to: $500
FunderAcademic institution
At the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York, change is in our DNA. That comes of being born in…
Based in: New York, NY
Location(s) served: NY, U.S. (all)
Current opportunities: Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program
I'm aware that I got lucky financially and should share that in ways that are meaningful and contribute to the common good. That's why I…
Based in: San Francisco, CA
Location(s) served: U.S. (all)
OpportunityGrant/financial award
Craig Newmark Philanthropies supports public charities in good standing described under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) or (2) of the…