Newsfuel updates: search interface, news listings management

By Jay Small at LMA | 9/9/2020 - 14:28

NewsFuel friends,

Just a few weeks since our launch, we went live this week with significant upgrades to NewsFuel. Check them out:

Search form showing suggestions
Search form shows suggested results as you type.

Search form suggestions and filters

Try these upgrades yourself from the NewsFuel home page:

  • When you search listings from the NewsFuel home page or any search results page, as you type keywords into the form you will see suggestions of matching listings.
  • You can choose to search all listings types, or filter to just funders and opportunities, or just news organizations and projects.
Search results with color coding
Search results now color-coded by listing type.

Search results pages: Better sort, more useful details

Give these upgrades a try on this search results page (uses keyword "health"):

  • Search results pages now sort by relevance (if you entered one or more keywords) or alphabetically by title (if no keywords used).
  • Results are color-coded by listing type.
  • For keyword searches, results will also highlight the keyword matches in context of the listing details.
  • Depending on listing type, each search result will provide relevant details (locations, deadlines, funding amounts etc.) right below the listing excerpt.

News organization leaders can manage own listings

We added a new workflow that allows news organization representatives or group executives to add or edit their own listings in NewsFuel. Interested? Check out the instructions to get started.

And we're working on more updates!

Keep your eye on NewsFuel in the coming weeks, as we refine the display of listing detail pages, make it easier to distinguish current from past opportunities, and continue to add new funders, opportunities, news organizations and projects. We welcome your suggestions -- contact us at