2023 California Health Equity Fellowship

Who can apply? 

  • California-based professional journalists (including freelancers and national correspondents with California-focused projects). The Center for Health Journalism has accepted reporters in the past across all levels, from the smallest rural newspapers to national outlets. 

The Center for Health Journalism give preference to: 

  • Applicants who have a minimum of three years of professional journalism experience
  • Reporters pursuing collaborative projects between mainstream and ethnic news outlets

A few broad reporting themes that the Center for Health Journalism supports: 

The Center for Health Journalism embraces a broad view of health, which  doesn’t just happen at doctor’s offices and hospitals. Health is shaped by our environment — our schools, our neighborhoods and our communities. The Center for Health Journalism strives to admit Fellows whose work reflects that. 

  • Systemic racism and root causes of health inequities 
  • Domestic violence as a public health issue
  • School-to-prison pipeline as a health issue
  • Social determinants of health 
  • Whether our justice system, our schools and health systems serve all Californians – and who is left out or disproportionately harmed. 
  • Systemic barriers to health tied to race, poverty, and economic opportunity

Opportunity offered by:

USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism

Helping journalists investigate health challenges and solutions in their communities with fact-based, rigorous reporting that serves as a catalyst for change. The Center for Health Journalism has trained more than…
Opportunity type


Location(s) where available


Areas of focus

Criminal Justice
Investigative Journalism
Underrepresented Community(ies)

Applications accepted starting:
December 15, 2022
Application deadline:
January 13, 2023
This is a recurring opportunity