Civic Engagement Open Inquiry

For this submission period, the Foundation is seeking letters proposing innovative, early-stage work that advances civic science approaches and knowledge. Inquiries may address issues and challenges such as emerging science on contentious issues, inclusive public engagement to inform science, projects highlighting the role of intermediaries and new alliances, pilots that mitigate the influence of misinformation related to science in public decision-making, and evidence-based initiatives to advance more diverse, inclusive, and equitable engagement.

Ideas that seed or support early-career leaders or early-stage ideas; and proposals that incorporate working with underserved audiences and valuing diverse perspectives, bridging civic science research and practice gaps, and creating new partnerships and alliances are of particular interest.

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Rita Allen Foundation

Since 1953, the Rita Allen Foundation has been shaped by the contributions of many people. The Foundation was established in 1953 and is based in Princeton, New Jersey. Its financial…
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Civic journalism

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