Crossing the Divide Fellowship

WGBH and The GroundTruth Project

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Crossing the Divide is a cross-country reporting project presented by The GroundTruth Project and WGBH. At a time of deep divisions in America, five early-career journalists traveled together from east to west, to explore and report on the issues that divide us and stories that unite us. The journalists began their journey in Western Massachusetts, traveled onto Appalachian Kentucky, up the Mississippi River to Minneapolis, Minnesota, across the prairie to Western Montana, and over the Sierra Nevadas, ending in California's Bay Area. At each location, the universities the journalists attended hosted the travelers, and local community and high school storytelling events informed their reporting. Narrative 4, a non-profit that works to turn empathy into action, facilitated story exchanges in the high schools. The Moth produced three of the community events. Throughout the journey, the journalists posted on this website and across social media, to show the behind-the-scenes of their reporting. This made the journalistic process more transparent and helped empower people to think more openly and critically about issues in their communities that directly impact their lives. Restricted to recent graduates of University of Massachusetts Amherst, Western Kentucky University, University of Minnesota, University of Montana and University of California Berkeley.
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