Deep Dives: Ocean and Fisheries Reporting

The Pulitzer Center, a nonprofit organization that supports independent global journalism, is now accepting applications for a new reporting initiative focused on oceans and fisheries. 

It is seeking ambitious reporting proposals from freelance and staff journalists from around the world who wish to report on vital ocean and fisheries issues and are in need of support for their reporting projects.  

Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, plus changes to our climate and our oceans, are having profound effects on the natural resources that more than three billion people depend on for food, nutrition, and their livelihoods. What’s more, illegal fishing is often linked with other crimes such as human trafficking, bribery, corruption, and tax evasion. These growing pressures on oceans and fisheries pose significant challenges to the long-term health and sustainability of fishers, coastal communities, the seafood industry, and countries around the world.

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Pulitzer Center

Organization dedicated to raising awareness of underreported global issues. Direct funder who supports all platforms. “Largest single source of money for global enterprise reporting.” Fund 150 affiliate partners and support…
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