Google News Initiative Fundamentals Lab

Over the course of three months, you’ll participate in six live sessions and receive three personalized audits of your website, covering the topics below:

Audience Development: Engage your news website’s loyal readers with tactics on:

  • Newsletter signupsPush notificationsSearch discovery optimizationSocial media strategyRecirculation to other articlesWebsite speed and experience

Reader Revenue: Launch and grow subscriptions and donations from your news website’s supporters with guidance on:

  • Marketing assets for subscriptions and donationsMobile and desktop “landing page” designCheckout flow for subscribers and donors

Advertising Revenue: Set up and improve digital advertising on your news website with support on:

  • Ad sizesAd densityAd placementAd formatsAd blockersAd policy complianceAd speed

Opportunity offered by:

Google News Initiative

The Googles News Initiative believes: 1. Quality journalism matters. The Google News Initiative strives to ensure that quality news content is recognized across our platforms, that users can readily discover…
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