ICFJ Knight Fellowships

The International Center for Journalists offers two types of opportunities for an ICFJ Knight Fellowship: Candidates may either propose a Fellowship or apply to a Fellowship opening. No opportunities are open at this time, but interested candidates can reach out and propose an idea for a potential fellowship.

Successful proposals will target news innovation in one or more of the key areas of innovation listed under Fellowship Criteria below. Proposals should outline Fellowships that include multiple, complementary projects. They should clearly state how each of the projects will help to measurable results for newsrooms, journalists and society. Proposals that simply offer training to journalists or teach students will not be considered. Proposals that need substantial fundraising during the Fellowship to achieve their objectives will likely not be considered.

Before submitting a proposal, all candidates should read the program overview and criteria below to ensure proper understanding of the program and submission of a strong idea.

Applications, CVs and resumes must be in English. Relevant work samples or supporting material for project proposals may be in the applicant’s native language. To become a Fellow, professional proficiency in English is required.

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International Center for Journalists (ICFJ)

ICFJ works at the nexus of journalism and technology, building the expertise and storytelling skills of reporters worldwide. Through its work, journalists are enhancing news coverage and connecting more deeply with their audiences. As a result,…
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