NM Local News Matching Campaign

The New Mexico Local News Fund will be running its second donation-matching campaign in the month of December 2022 to help promote the idea that local news is vital in our state. That means it will match donations, memberships or subscriptions raised during that month by nonprofit and for-profit local newsrooms who qualify to participate in the campaign. For-profit newsrooms will need to specify how funds will be used for specific editorial coverage in 2023. The NM Local News Matching Campaign is open to any local news organization to apply, whether in print, online, TV or radio.

The NM Local News Matching Campaign expects the matching amount to be in the range of $2,000 to $4,000. depending on the number of participating newsrooms. Alongside the matching money, it will be providing a training session, promotional language and consulting support to help create fundraising infrastructure at participating newsrooms. Those nonprofit newsrooms participating in NewsMatch will have the chance to get a double-match from the Local News Fund. 

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New Mexico Local News Fund

The New Mexico Local News Fund works with community members and journalists who believe that local journalism is crucial for our communities. NMLNF raises funds to support local news providers and…
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Location(s) where available

New Mexico

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General Funding

Application deadline:
September 30, 2022