RIAS Media Awards

The RIAS Media Prize is intended to help strengthen the diversity
of transatlantic dialogue and to deepen interest in GermanAmerican relations. Germany and the USA are each facing new
directions in many respects, both internally and externally.
Committed, independent journalism can contribute a great deal
to mutual understanding of and between countries as well as to
an open social discourse about values and goals. The
contributions submitted should go beyond daily and routine
reporting, should process information and describe social reality
in a remarkable way, and promote dialogue on similarities and
differences in transatlantic relations.

Opportunity offered by:

RIAS Berlin Commission

The RIAS Berlin Commission is a binational organization for the promotion of German-American understanding in the field of broadcasting. Pursuant to the Agreement signed on May 19, 1992 between the…
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United States (all)

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International Journalism

Application deadline:
January 31, 2023
This is a recurring opportunity