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Note from FIRE’s director: On a rolling-deadlines basis, FIRE is now accepting applications for customized contract-related legal assistance from two veteran media attorneys. For a new round of grants of up to $12,500, we are giving priority to applicants for the legal service. To apply for that service, visit the Legal Assistance page; to apply for FIRE’s traditional grant and editorial services programs, see below (you do not need to have a legal inquiry to qualify).


The Virtual Newsroom offers a range of services, from open-records coaching and trained research assistance to legal review.


In some cases, Virtual Newsroom recipients also receive one of two types of financial support:  a standard grant of up to $12,500, to complete an investigation; or a Proposal Grant of up to $2,500, to develop an initial story pitch. If you are invited to apply, there is no need to specify which type of grant you’d prefer, or to submit a budget. Any funding for a Virtual Newsroom award is determined in FIRE’s application review process.

Letter of Commitment

You don’t need a letter of commitment from an outlet at the time you apply to the Virtual Newsroom, but you will need one before you receive your Virtual Newsroom award from FIRE. The outlet must meet basic journalistic standards as determined by FIRE.

Consider applying for the Virtual Newsroom if the following is true:

  • You have a specific story that you want to develop with FIRE resources
  • You are ready to apply for story support
  • You have some experience as an investigative reporter—for example, having completed at least one investigative project that underwent a formal fact-checking and legal review process

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FIRE Newsroom

FIRE operates as a nonprofit project of IRE, but raises its own funding. It has relied on contributions from individual donors, support from the Ford Foundation, and a current two-year grant…
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Central America
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Criminal Justice
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