Workplace Integrity: Train the Trainers Workshop

The Power Shift Project invites media leaders to sign up today for our virtual Workplace Integrity: Train the Trainers workshop and join our corps of nearly 500 trainers dedicated to improving the culture and integrity of their newsrooms.

The Workplace Integrity curriculum, redesigned in 2021, includes new modules and reflects on current events, like the COVID-19 pandemic and our racial reckoning. Although they have updated the curriculum, its primary goals remain the same: to produce environments free of harassment, discrimination, and incivility, and filled with opportunity, especially for those who have traditionally been denied it.

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The Freedom Forum Institute

The Freedom Forum’s mission is to foster First Amendment freedoms for all. It works to raise awareness of First Amendment freedoms through education, advocacy and action, sharing the stories of…
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United States (all)

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May 16, 2023