Fund for Investigative Journalism

The Fund for Investigative Journalism provides grants and other support to independent journalists and news organizations to produce high-quality, unbiased, nonpartisan investigative stories that have an impact.

It provides support directly to investigative journalists for news stories, books, documentaries and podcasts that uncover wrongdoing by powerful people or institutions. Its Board of Directors, comprised of highly accomplished journalists, scrutinizes every grant application and approves those that are most likely to have an impact. The grants it provides cover the costs of investigations – gas money to interview sources, fees for copying open records, stipends for the hundreds of hours reporters spend digging through data.

The Fund for Investigative Journalism was founded in 1969 by the late Philip M. Stern, a public-spirited philanthropist who devoted his life β€œto balancing the scales of justice.” Stern was convinced that small amounts of money invested in the work of determined journalists would yield enormous results in the fight against racism, poverty, corporate greed and government corruption.

Current opportunities from this funder:

FIJ Emergency Grant: Threats to Democracy in the U.S.

he Fund for Investigative Journalism today launched an emergency grant program for stories on threats to democracy in the United States.   Emergency grants are available for investigative stories that break...

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