Belk Foundation Spring Cycle

The Belk Foundation doesn’t just invest with money. The foundation invests with time, with advocacy, with action. It pursues its mission with a hands-on approach, working “on the ground” and learning by asking thoughtful questions of smart people with first-hand experience of success in education: effective teachers, administrators of schools that have defied the odds, leaders of like-minded organizations who are exceeding their goals.

The foundation is always looking for organizations that share our passion, our goals and our commitment. The Foundation conducts two grant-making cycles per year, with invitation-only final applications. Invitations for spring cycle are issued mid-February, with an April 1 final application deadline and late-May decision. Invitations for fall cycle are issued mid-August, with an October 1 final application deadline and late-November decision. The process is both firm and straightforward, because ultimately, its goal is to respect your time.

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Belk Foundation

The Belk Foundation invests deeply in public education, and it is committed to supporting programs that produce measurable results for students in North Carolina. Its two key areas of focus,…
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North Carolina

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April 1, 2023
This is a recurring opportunity