FIRE Consultancy


The Editorial Consultancy provides a one-hour consultation with FIRE for tailored advice. Topics may range from specific reporting tips to strategy for story placement or funding. 


No funding is provided in the Editorial Consultancy program.

Letter of Commitment

No Letter of Commitment is required for the Editorial Consultancy program.

Consider applying for the Editorial Consultancy if the following is true:

  • You are still deciding on what specific story to develop with FIRE support—or you are not yet confident in the story idea you have.
  • You do not yet feel ready to apply for the FIRE Virtual Newsroom support, even if you are curious about how to become ready.
  • You have never reported an investigative story, and want to gain a better understanding of how to go about doing so.

Note: If you apply to the Virtual Newsroom and are not accepted, you may be invited to an Editorial Consultancy. But if you apply for an Editorial Consultancy directly, you are given priority for the program.

Opportunity offered by:

FIRE Newsroom

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