Free Speech & Peace Research Grants

The Stand Together Trust is especially interested in research that:

  • Impediments to free speech and open inquiry in the academy.
  • Legal interpretations of the First Amendment and their consequences.
  • Exploring the connections between the classical liberal tradition and toleration.
  • Exploring the individual and structural drivers of intolerance and tribalism in society.
  • Press freedom, including research that explores freedom of information laws and the connections between press freedom and free societies.
  • Digital free speech, including research related to intermediary liability, privacy, or other legal threats to free speech.
  • Undergraduate programming that models civil discourse and educates students about the value of free expression.

Opportunity offered by:

Stand Together Trust

The Stand Together Trust partners with social entrepreneurs who have a passion and personal knowledge in their subject area and deep belief in the dignity of all people. It seeks…
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Location(s) where available

United States (all)

Areas of focus

First Amendment

This is a recurring opportunity