Indigenous Reporting Grant

Across North America, Indigenous communities are often intimately involved in complex natural resource issues. Whether it’s addressing the realities of sea level rise, fighting to protect water quality and quantity, or creating new opportunities for ecosystem-based careers, these communities are home to important, nuanced environment stories that often go untold.

IJNR invites proposals for grants of up to $1,000 for reporting projects focused on natural resource stories unfolding in Native American, First Nation, or Alaska Native communities. Reporters need not be from these communities, but priority will be given to Indigenous journalists. 

INJR strongly encourages applicants to avail themselves of the educational resources available regarding sensitive reporting in Indigenous communities, and to be cognizant of cultural, social and political differences between nations. There are several relevant links on the diversity page. Journalists who apply for but don’t receive an Indigenous Reporting Grant will also be considered for Frank Allen Field Reporting Grants.

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Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources

All of IJNR’s programs are designed for reporters and editors who aspire to produce deeper, more explanatory news coverage of issues such as water quality, quantity, and use, climate change,…
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United States (all)

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Application deadline:
April 14, 2023
This is a recurring opportunity