The Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Grant

In order to to assist photojournalists struggling with the economic hardships associated with this profession, the Association is promoting an annual Grant of 8,000 euros, endowed for the sixth year by LaScam (collective society for multimedia authors).

The award is presented to a professional photographer of any age, sex or nationality who wishes to cover a social, economic, political or cultural issue in a journalistic manner, on presentation of a dossier. The Award is given in order to allow the winner to produce a story that has never been told but that the photographer cannot find support for within the media.

For further information on the award contact Annie Boulat.

Opportunity offered by:

Association Pierre et Alexandra Boulat

Photojournalism was the core passion in the lives of Pierre and of Alexandra. They devoted the very best of themselves to it. Their aim was not to construct a body…
Opportunity type


Location(s) where available

Central America
United States (all)

Areas of focus

General Funding
Visual Journalism

Application deadline:
June 11, 2023
This is a recurring opportunity